updated Aug 17, 99 Welcome to the home of Rise Records. While here, you can find out about our past and upcoming releases, where to buy them, and which ones we have available for purchase directly from us.
Don't expect a bells and whistles page; I've got better things to do than impress web geeks. Unless I can find some stuff that's even MORE annoying than blinking text - like frames! Boy howdy, frames really annoy the piss outta me...That kind of stuff I'll add.

Anyways. Here are all of the singles and 7” eps we’ve put out; the link to LPs follows at the bottom. Click on each for a description and a larger image... not all of the descriptions are up yet, but I'm working on it.:

RR-71 Jesus Christ Superfly "Big Shit/Rocket Scientist" 7"

RR-72 Monomen "I'm Hangin'/Teen Dogs in Trouble" 7"

RR-73 Wet "Eating Out is Fun/Magic Forehead Vision" 7"

RR-74 Unicorn Magic "Feel Good Gazebo/Wrong Side of the Magic" 7"

RR-75 Henry Bison "Family Values" 7" ep

RR-76 Melvins "Sky pup/Hooch" Picture disc

RR-77 Stretford "Zerox Love/ Menthol Blue" 7"

RR-78 Miss Galaxy (formerly Miss Universe) 7"

RR-79 Sincola "Bitch" 7" ep

RR-80 Hormones "Cartographer of Love" one-sided 7"

RR-81 Greenella "Gift of not Giving/Short Fuse" 7" 

RR-82 Inhalants "Charlie Was an Icon/It was Hyperreal" 7"

RR-83 New Bomb Turks "My Hopes are Copacetic/Sexual Dreaming" 7"

RR-84 Memphis Goons "Toottoottoottoottoottoot" 7" ep

RR-85 Furry Things "Hide/Your Two One" 7"

RR-86 Drop -O "Samiam" one-sided 7"

RR-88 Paranoids 7" ep

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